HACCT & The Huddersfield Carnival Management Committee have reviewed the possibilities of holding a “live” Carnival in July this year. Unfortunately, as a result of the huge impact of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, and no absolute guarantee that all restrictions will be lifted on June 21st, Huddersfield Carnival, for 2021, will be a virtual event.

We understand this news may be disappointing, and we share that disappointment as we all eagerly await returning to some kind of normality as restrictions are reduced. However, planning and organising a carnival, takes time and the impact of covid has restricted the activities and resources that we rely on to plan, organise and deliver a full-scale carnival.

The health and safety of our community; our mas bands, musicians, contributors, spectators, visitors, family & friends is our utmost priority, and at this time there remains too much uncertainty to attempt to proceed with a full scale carnival and potentially risk and be responsible for any impediment in our battle against Covid 19. Additionally, there is also the financial implications to consider and the risk of not being able to raise the required funds through funders, sponsors and grants due to the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Making this decision early gives us plenty of time to put all our available resources into planning and executing an exciting virtual event, improving on what we delivered in 2020.

Furthermore, if there is an opportunity for us to safely mark the weekend with a small in person event, alongside our online carnival and following all government guidelines, then rest assured we will explore all options.

To get involved in our online event for 2021 please contact us on the details below.

We are always are looking for individuals to join the Carnival Management Committee. If you have the drive, passion, commitment and time to become involved in planning and delivering cultural activity please contact us on 07961 189281 or send an email at huddersfieldcmc@gmail.com

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support over the years and look forward to your attendance at our fundraising activities on the journey to a full scale carnival 2022.

Let’s keep the vibe alive!

Denzil Simpson – Chair of HACCT

“The safety of our community is paramount, and we want to ensure when Huddersfield Carnival returns to the streets, it is brought to you in an environment that is safe and allows us to celebrate our culture with the freedom & delight we have enjoyed in the past”

Paige Phillip – Carnival Co-ordinator

“We are optimistic that Carnival as we know and love it will return in the future, however the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, has left a lot of uncertainty for everyone. Carnival is not an event that can be celebrated with social distancing restrictions in place, and we have to safeguard ourselves and each other; so, it is best we are patient until we can safely celebrate carnival as it should be done”.

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